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                           WELCOME TO                         
                  A Member Of
The British Aikido Federation
              Under The Direction Of
Kanestuka Shihan (7th Dan Hombu)

What Aikido is, where it comes from, who
created it, its rules traditions and etiquette. And
a glossary of terms used in Aikido.


About dojos in general and their layout, about
the people who practice and what you need to
practice, About classes and activities of a dojo.


About Aikido ranks and the grading system, the syllabus for juniors and adults. About grading examinations, who conducts them, what is assessed and an example of a grading.

About our dojo, our history, about our current and past instructors and about the local seniors. Our class times, prices and contact details.

About Aikido beyond the club, about the organizations we are affiliated and about international Aikido. About some of the dojos we have friendly links with both here and in Japan. Information about aikido and scouting

The calendar of events and the classes pertinent to our dojo. Details about Summer School and Spring Course, National Courses and Local Courses.

This section will contain photographic and video media. a list of books and DVD and websites about aikido.