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Kanestuka Shihan (8th Dan Hombu)


What is Kaishukan?


We chose the name Kaishukan because it reflects our desire to create a place where everybody can gather together in a common spirit to practice Aikido. 


Aikido has a strong sense of community and it is this that we are trying to achieve and embody. The dojo follows the “traditional Aikikai” style of Aikido as taught by Master Ueshiba, the founder, then disseminated via his family to whom we are affiliated (The Honbu Aikikai Foundation) through our parent organisation.

Our parent organisation is the British Aikido Federation (B.A.F.) which is accredited by the British Sports Council and thus all its instructors are fully qualified and insured sports coaches.


Our dojo has run a number of years in a few different locations with much success. Moving locations due to work finally brought my dojo to Crewe where we are starting up.


We originally opened under the guidance and instruction of Mr. Allan Rowley (6th Dan, Honbu) who as our patron brought over 40 years of Aikido experience to our dojo.
Although he has now retired from Aikido our dojo still has a good relationship with him.

We also have very good relations with the other B.A.F. Shidoin notably Mr. Ian McClarence (6th Dan, Honbu) the chief instructor for England and also our two local seniors Mr. Stephen Parr (6th Dan, Honbu) and Mr. David Yates (5th Dan, Honbu).

As a dojo we hope to make into a project which helps serve the community and our doors are open for all those who wish to train regardless of their background.

In trying to maintain the feel of a Japanese dojo we maintain a policy of strict formal etiquette during practice In order to enhance the aikido experience and maintain a safe environment. Beyond this however we like to feel that we promote a friendly environment with an approachable instructor, please feel free to ask any questions.

We run the dojo on six principles Exercise, Confidence, Relaxation, Friendship, Discipline, Defence.



Aikido can help improve Physical Fitness, develop co-ordination and lessen the rigours of aging.



As a person improves and develops Aikido teaches ways of dealing with situations and make decisions and helping us to cope.



Medatative practices in Aikido allow the body to remain supple and the mind to remain calm.



Aikido is an activity practiced with others allowing practitioners to form bond with each other. This also helps build trust.



An important aspect of life developing self discipline allows us to function efficiently and maintain concentration. It helps us overcome difficulties in a calm decisive manner.



The martial aspect of training teaches the methodology of how to remain safe, and how to be aware of your environment. Coupled with a series of practical applications to aid in subduing an opponrnt with the minimum ammount of force and damage.